Casting is closed:

If you wish to submit your resume for any of the roles below, please send an email to aveek.mansur (at) Please send:
1. Headshots
2. Reel if you have one
3. Your Age.
4. Any special talent you have (maybe you play the piano, or the guitar, or maybe you juggle. We’d like to know).

Looking for hungry actors and actresses. An actor reel, resume, or list of classes attended are not necessary. You’ll do fine if you’re a naturally empathetic person. Just be yourself. That’s what we’re looking for.
 Cast  Part  Ethnicity  Sides
Emma Adams Female: Early to mid 20s – Timid and shy  Caucasian Emma_1Emma_2
Miles Male: Early to mid 20s  Caucasian Miles_1Miles_2
Jody Male: Early 30s  Any  Jody
Gwen Branden Female: 40s or 50s  Any  Gwen
Mark Branden Male: 40s or 50s  Any  Mark
Receptionist Female: 30s  Any
Dr. Lazlow Male: Eccentric Scientist in his 40s or 50s  Any  DrLazlow
Dr. Banerjee Male/Female: Shyness Therapist in his 40s or 50s  Any  Banerjee
Martha Female: 40s or 50s  Any  Martha
Miranda Female: Mid to late 20s  Any  Miranda
Jimmy Male: Mid to late 20s  Any  Jimmy
Paula Female: TV Anchorwoman, Late 30s Early 40s  Any  Paula_Trevor
Trevor Male: TV Reporter, Late 30s Early 40s  Any  Paula_trevor
Mike Adams Male: 50s or 60s  Caucasian  Mike
June Adams Female: 50s or 60s  Caucasian  June
Nadine Adams Female: Late 20s Early 30s  Caucasian  Nadine
Crystal Adams Female: Early 20s  Caucasian  Crystal